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What if there's no meaning to life, then what?
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What if there is?
Perhaps there IS some greater purpose... Perhaps life SHOULD be dedicated to personal development. But wouldn't it be a waste if you didn't stop to smell the flowers?

Respect For Nature

    Aahhhhhh... the natural Earth; a work of art to be rivaled by none.  I must admit, my respect for terrestrial nature has been quickly growing over the last few years.  I truly believe that every human being has an innate love for the blue skies, trees and plants, the sun, and bodies of water.

  Take, for example, a look at how we build our cities; trees, plants and grass are immersed everywhere, skyline is a well desired luxury, and having a view of a lake or ocean increases property value considerably.  We have been evolving with these things for the last billion years, and, during that period, their existence has meant prosperity for our race.  Early religions throughout our planet have idolized all these Life-Givers.  There's no doubt that a sense of longing for such natural beauties exists in the depths of every human mind; We are hard-wired to love NATURE!


    The technology of Terrestrial Life has been billions of years in the making and FAR OUTSTRIPS the most complex technological advancements of mankind.  In fact, working in science I see some of the MANY surprising ways that science often looks towards nature for inspiration of what is possible (and how).  And still, the fastest super-computer built pales in comparison to Nature's Works.  Even our food boasts complexity that makes any of our machines seem like simple little toys; ask any cell biologist.  It is unfortunate that the powers of terrestrial life are so easily attainable that we economically value them as 'Free'.  What a short-coming of our sight as a race?  Mankind has developed extraordinary intelligence; it's a pity that he still can't use it to see beyond his immediate desire.

    Our mere 80 year lifetime is but a blink of an eye when compared with the long haul of the Evolution of This Planet; I humble myself to the wisdoms such an evolution has generated through time and manifested within the wide variety of life and organization alive today.

    The treasures of this planet have taken billions of years to develop. Today, the many varieties of life are bountiful and come to us virtually free, but this is only due to the extraordinary nature of life. The truth is that with the depletion of rain forests, rivers, temperate forests, and so on wild life becomes more and more descimated.

    It is such life whose evolved ways of wisdom currently balance and maintain many of the life cycles on this planet which make life for humanity possible. As respect for nature shrinks, we dig ourselves deeper holes with problems including top-soil depletion, global warming, water shortages, and toxins in rivers, lakes, oceans and land. For the success of our race, and even our children its time to realize that mankind's impact has grown large enough that we are threatening the existence of our own habitat. Unlike many cultures of the past, we've lost our sense of respect for Nature's goods and it seems this negative karma is coming back to haunt us. Is it too late??? Who knows, but I ask you to think about this:

"We do not inherit the Earth from our fathers, we're borrowing it from our children."
-David Brower

Turning this short-sighted and foolish way-of-life around is the duty of every wise mind. Please message any comments below.

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